Coimbatore Information

 Coimbatore is the third largest district in Tamil Nadu.  It is famous for its textile factories engineering firms, automobile parts manufactures, health care facilities, education institutions, pleasant weather and hospitality.  So it is called as the Manchester of south India.  This city is located on the banks of river Noyyal.  This city is located in the shadow of the Western Ghats; Coimbatore has a very pleasant climate all around the year. 

General Informations about Coimbatore

        The total land area of Coimbatore is 23.5 square kilometers. The population of this city is 42,71,856 (Census 2011). The altitude is 411 meters above mean sea level. The clothing here is tropical and the season to visit the city is all through the year. The people of various states line here and they speak Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, English and Marathi. The STD code for Coimbatore is 0422. This is one of the top most industrial cities of Tamilnadu. There are proper facilities of transportation through air (peelamedu airport), through bus and through rail (Coimbatore Junction and Podanur Junction).

        Charming Coimbatore, also known as Kovai had its first origins, the Irular tribes of Kovan who settled in Kongunadu during the early times. Then this place was conquered by the Cholas. There were other kings of various dynasties who ruled this part and finally the British reigns ruled this place and name it Coimbatore. Now there are over 5000 small, medium and large textile mills. The black soil, good rains and water resources had made this place a major agricultural centre. Cotton is grown is bulk and this made Coimbatore a textile city. Today Coimbatore is known to be the Manchester of South India. This is also the Textile capital of South India. The other major industries are machinery, automobile spares, motors, electronics, and steel and aluminum foundries.

Coimbatore Location

Coimbatore District is located at 11.00°N 76.96°E in Tamil Nadu, South India.

Coimbatore Climate

Maximum temperature of Coimbatore in summer is about 39°C and the minimum temperature is about 21°C. The winters of this district are very mild with the maximum temperature around 30°C.

Coimbatore Tourism

There are most important places in Coimbatore to visit. They are

Anamalai Wildlife sanctuary

Anamalai Wildlife sanctuary is about 90km from Coimbatore. It situated at an altitude of 1400m in the Western Ghats near Pollachi.  The area of this sanctuary is about 958 sq km. This sanctuary has recently renamed as Indra Gandhi Wild life sanctuary.


Topslip is about 37km from Pollachi.  It is a picturesque spot in Anamalai Hills.  It is an ideal picnic spot.

Black Thunder Amusement Park

Black Thunder Amusement Park is about 40km from Coimbatore on the Ooty Main Road.  It is one of the important theme parks in Tamil Nadu.  This park has lot of water sports and amusements.


Parambikulam is an Aliyar multipurpose project, it consists of a series of dams inter connected by tunnels and canals for harnessing water of the Parambikulam, Aliyar, Nirar, Sholiyar etc., lying at various elevations, for irrigation and power generation. It is located on the Anamalai range.


Thiruppur is about 50km from Coimbatore.  It is an important textile City in Tamil Nadu. Thiruppur is also famous for hosiery products. Thiruppur is also famous for Thiruppur Kumaran one of the valiant freedom fighter.

Forest College Museum

Forest College is about 3.5km north of the railway station of Coimbatore.  It is one of the oldest of its kind in the country.  The College museum is very worth to visit. This museum preserves the fossils of plants and animals. The museum also has dead specimen of plants and animals of rare variety.

Khadi Gandhi Gallery

The government of India started Khadi Gandhi Gallery on July 15, 1970 in Coimbatore.  This gallery displays pictures of Gandhi right from his birth to his death.  We can see the interesting collection of rare photographs and all major events in the life of Gandhi.

Government Museum

Government Museum is located in VOC Park Road.  The Government initiated this museum in 1989.  It bears remnants of the various tribes of the place. The museum is compartmentalized in to five sections.  It bears the fossil remains and age-old tools.

Marudamalai Temple

Marudamalai Temple is about 12km away from Coimbatore Railway station.  The main deity of the temple is Lord Muruga.  The word Maruda is the colloquial form of Marunthu, which means medicine and malai means mountain.  It is one of the most visited temples in the region. The presiding deity is Dandayutha pani who is believed to have several miracles here.

Thirumoorthy Temple

Thirumoorthy temple is about 20km from Udumalpet on the highway from Palani to Coimbatore.  This temple is located at the foot of the Thirumoorthy hills adjoining the Thirumoorthy dam. A perennial stream flows by the side of the Sri Amalingeswarar Temple and there is a waterfall nearby.  The crocodile farm at amaravathi dam is just 2km from here.

Sengupathi Waterfalls

Sengupathi Waterfalls are situated 35km from Coimbatore on the Coimbatore-Srivani main road.

Perur Patteeswaraswamy Temple

Perur Patteeswaraswamy temple was built by Karikala Cholan.  It is about 7km west of Coimbatore near river Noyyal. Perur Patteeswaraswamy temple is one of most popular temple in Coimbatore.  This temple upholds huge statues.

Monkey Falls

Monkey Falls is about 65km from Coimbatore and 27km from Pollachi on the Coimbatore-Pollachi-Valparai Highways. It is a famous picnic spot.

Isha Yoga Centre

The famous spiritual retreat run by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev's Isha Foundation on 61ha/150 acres of forested land at the foothills of the sacred Velliangiri, offers people the opportunity to travel inward on a journey towards physical and emotional well being through yoga, meditation and public service.  The nonreligious centre imparts all four forms of yoga: gyan(knowledge), karma (action), kriya (energy) and bhakti courses, retreats and sathsangs (group meditation).  The beautiful architecture of the massive Dhyanalinga Temple and meditation hall, and the Linga Bhairava and Theerthakund at the centre has created the perfect ambience for spiritual retreat.

Coimbatore Map

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Coimbatore Important Information

Coimbatore Area
Coimbatore Population
42,71,856 (Census 2011)
Coimbatore Rainfall
677.7 mm (Annual)
Coimbatore Climate
Max: 39°C
Min: 20.7°C
Pincode 641***
Std Code 0422
Vehicle Registration TN 37 (South), TN 38 (North), TN 66 (Central), TN 99 (West)
Country India
State Tamil Nadu